Organizing your bathroom drawer


I’m a person who really loves organization. I can work in chaos and deal with it but I always do better when things are organized. My bathroom drawer was something I hated dealing with for multiple reasons. 1. It was messy, 2. I could never find anything, and 3. It was messy. So this weekend I made it a job to organize it. I pulled everything out and got rid of anything that was trash or I didn’t use. You can put drawer liners in like I have, to make the inside of the drawer prettier. I used one of my makeup bags, everyone has tons of them they never use, and put everything I needed for my braces in one spot. I put all the combs I had and tied them with an extra headband leaving my hairbrush loose since I use it every day. I took the top of a shoe box and put products like makeup remover, deodorant, moisturizer and then smaller products in it. If you want you can wrap it with wrapping paper to make it look prettier, or use a drawer organizer. I just was lazy and used what I had around. I put my larger skincare up in the corner and my mini hair products below. Everything is laid out flat so I can see it, but everything has it’s proper place.


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