Organizing my Bookshelf

A rainbows of books.

As school is coming around the corner very soon I’ve been trying to organize my room as much as possible to minimize stress. I’m the kind of person who really needs to have a clean room to study in. The best way for me to do that is to organize it. Now these are just some of my tips on how I organized my books but you can obviously do it any way you want. I went by favorites, theme, random and then my color. Within the bookshelf organized by color I also went by height. I turned certain books out to show there covers, tilted others, and stacked books to give it more of a visual interest. I also added little details like my mask from Venice and small unlit candles to give it an interesting touch.

I keep my music boxes on the top shelf, (And my harry potter wand in the back.)

The top shelf was organized by my favorites.

Second shelf was organized by fashion and beauty.

The second to last shelf was organized more randomly since it was the last shelf I did.

The bottom shelf was organized by color.

I like to add little details here and there.

My mask bought in Venice.

Candles are always cute touches.

As are figurines.


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