The Last Thrills of Summer

My this summer was a summer of thrills! And now I have to say goodbye to it. I did so many things this summer I thought I might as well put them all together in a post that welcomed fall and waved goodbye to summer. I was voted Blogger To Watch by Teen Vogue, and had one of my posts published on their blog Fashion Click. My Grandmother, Mother, Brother and I all went on our Europe Adventure, I got sick after I came home and then went off to my Arts Summer Camp. I did a ballet camp and finally went on pointe! We went to Silverwood our local theme park, my family and I went to the Oregon Star Party and I took the ALS ice bucket challenge. I also had my first ever surgery on my tooth. It was very minor but it was my first time have an actual surgery. I explored an old abandoned house, cabin, and some kind of mill. I volunteered and watched the Festival at Sandpoint, went to see my favorite teacher get married and in between managed to relax and be a lazy bum! Wow have I been busy.

Different Websites of places and things I mentioned.


Oregon Star Party

Camp Spalding

Festival of Sandpoint

My post on Teen Vogue.











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