Blogger Inspiration: First Impressions



I’m thinking of starting a new blog series about different bloggers who inspire me, be it their fashion, photography, writing, or anything else about them. So my first blogger inspiration post is about Maria Elyse the blogger behind First Impressions. This is what Maria’s about page says about herself and her blog.

“Hello! I’m Maria, the girl behind First Impressions. I’m a high school student currently living in the countryside by a beautiful lake in Somewhere, USA.
First Impressions is a blog about personal style, life, writing/poems, food, and little bits of inspiration. And maybe some awkwardness too.
I started blogging because I wanted a place where I could be myself and express myself in lots of different ways without being afraid of what people think. I’m still working on being myself (style-wise, anyway) outside of my blog, and I am growing, but I still have got a long way to go.”

While Maria’s last post on her blog was in October of last year I loved her style posts the first few pages I clicked back. So I decided to check out some of her other style posts. Maria’s blog is beautiful and her personal style is amazing. Her outfits and photographs have a very vintage appeal to them and everything from the title of the posts, to the snippets of poems she writes to her signature From my wrists to my toes is absolutely gorgeous.









foomfoom 010.picnik




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