Cold Essentials and Getting Better Tips


I caught a cold recently and have spent yesterday and today out of school. October is finally here and now peak cold season is starting. So here are my tips for getting better all of which I’m currently using.

1. Sleep, get lots of it and nap constantly.
2. Water drink so much water you can barely drink anymore.
3. Vitamins, cough drops, and tissues. If your throat hurts suck on a cough drop and take vitamins and blow your nose often. Try and flush the cold out of your system.
4. I drink tea all the time anyway but when I’m sick I drink it like it’s water. It always helps my throat and makes me feel better.
5. Soup, I’m a huge fan of tomato soup when I don’t feel well. It’s warm and cozy deliciousness.
6. Give your skin a break and don’t wear makeup, if you have to keep it light. Moisturize your face, body, and lips as colds can often dry your skin out.

I hope if you have a cold you feel better soon!

*Disclaimer I am not a doctor and these are just tips I use when I’m feeling under the weather. If you’re really sick make sure you consult your doctor.


*Images all via Tumblr


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