I have never felt such a Monday


I’m sorry Monday that so many people hate you, but I must join the ranks of people who say Monday and shiver in disgust. It was such a Monday. Not that my day necessarily was terrible, I made hummus in Culinary Arts, I could eat hummus with a spoon sorry for people who think that’s gross, it’s just so good! I had a pretty good practice with swimming, and I don’t have a ton of homework, well OK I do but it’s not due till Friday. I’m just exhausted. I’m not even sure why. I got at least seven hours of sleep last night, but it was the kind where you close your eyes and then your alarm clock is blaring at your to wake up at 5:00 so you can jump in the cold pool for practice. When I was taking these pictures after school all these dogs from my neighborhood started barking at me from behind their fences, and one of them stood at the front of the alley loose. I love dogs don’t get me wrong guys, but I don’t like barking dogs. I feel like their going to attack me. I got bit on the nose once by a dog and that kind of instilled a fear of unknown dogs in me. I hope I don’t look like it but I was internally panicking a little bit. Well it’s a Monday. That’s the explanation for all of it.





Dress: Forever 21, Cardi: Zany Zebra, Shoes: Nordstrom.


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