I’ve done stranger things


I’m sure there are people who drive around town and wonder one of two things, “Why is there a short overdressed girl carrying a large metal contraption?” or “Why is that short overdressed girl posing in front of a large metal contraption?” I’ve actually had traffic slow because people where that confused by what I was doing. Now in their defense if I saw someone posing in front of a tripod I might raise an eyebrow too, but sometimes the starring is just slightly more than curious strangers. It can get uncomfortable sometimes where people might stop, and stare, and then maybe ask. I’ve found it’s pretty easy to ignore stares, and to explain about my blog, but it’s always interesting to see people’s reactions. Especially people my age. I’ve notice a lot of teenagers like to ask whomever they’re with “What is she doing?!” In this kind of loud shout. Definitely loud enough for me to hear, but not directed at me. Which makes me ask the question, if you’re going to be that loud talking about me why not ask me directly? I may never know the answer to that question but is sill funny to relay the story my friends. Especially the one about the car on a highway slowing down to get a better look at the crazy girl and her metal contraption. Especially since it was winter……..and I was in a skirt. But that’s another story!







Dress: Friend Swap, Blazer: Jcpenney, Shoes: Nordstrom, Earrings: Kandie’s, Belt: Thrifted.


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