Audrey Hepburn Makeup Tutorial


For my first Halloween tutorial I’m going to show you guys Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Start with a bare face. This look requires lots of bronze, brown and nude colors as it is a glamorous but natural look. Start with a bare face. You want to draw on Audrey Hepburn’s iconic brows. They aren’t super long nor super short but they are thick with minimal arch. If you need to erase some of your natural brows do so with concealer and/or nude eyeliner. Take a neutral darker brown and pack in into the crease. Just the crease however. The shadow we will use will naturally transfer lightly onto the lid. Take a darker brown, more espresso colored and blend it into the outer V of your eye. Take an eyeliner brush and that same dark brown and make a cat eye. Make sure to put that brown on your lower waterline, but not in your waterline. Then draw over it with liquid, gel or kohl eyeliner and add mascara. If you want you can add falsies but I’m rubbish at putting them on so I’m not going to. Add nude eyeliner on your waterline and more into the inner corners. Add a peachy pink blush. Now contouring. I suck at this but for beginners, BLEND! Make sure you do the high points of your face like high cheekbones, jawline, chin, around the forehead. Make a fishy face and blend in the hollows of your cheeks. For Audrey’s little nose blend bronzer on the side and under the tip to lift it up. This will create the illusion of shadows. Posing time!













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