Elsa From Frozen



Since Frozen was so popular this year I know there is bound to be someone who is going as the characters. So here is my tutorial for Elsa.
Start with your normal foundation routine. Add a peachy berry blush. Elsa is very pale so no bronzer and try not to add any more color on your face. This tutorial up to this far is actually fine for Anna as well, although Anna wears light natural colors on her lips and eyes. I’m using a berry blush and this pallet which has three shades perfect for Elsa’s eyes. Add the berry blush onto your eyes all over. Blend the lighter purple into the crease. Make sure you layer the colors and blend really well. Add the darkest cranberry into the outer V and the cream color into the inner corners. Add liquid eyeliner and mascara as normal. Finish the look off with a purple lipstick and add gloss over the top of it.
I attempted a side braid to go with the look, key word attempted, but my hair is really to short to work well. If you’re not wearing a wing and your hair is around the same length as mine I would buy the clip in hair extensions.










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