Kim Possible


I’m pretty nervous about putting this up. When you’re a girl bombarded with images every day of how skinny and “model like” you have to be to be pretty it makes you, the average sized person nervous. I’m not stick skinny. I have a normal proportioned body type. I’m curvy and I’m petite. I have hips, I have a butt, I have a stomach. I used to be “skinnier” but that was also before I got curves. I never used to show my stomach except on the beach in summer and it’s taken me a longtime to get used to showing skin in crop tops. I’m not-self conscious or ashamed at what my body looks like but the internet is a cruel place. It’s important for other girls and boys as well to recognize normal and not just what social media feed us about what our bodies look like.

On a lighter note I have another costume for you guys. Remember Kim Possible. Man I love that show. It was my favorite along with Scooby Doo and I thought it rocked that they had a pretty kick butt girl who also did girly things like cheerleading. To make her costume is pretty easy. You need green cargo pants or jeans, a brown belt, black boots, and a black crop top or short-sleeved shirt.





Crop Top: Forever 21, Jeans: Arizona, Belt: Jcpenney, Boots: Mom’s.


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