It’s Adventure Time!


I’m sure everyone has some piece of clothing that’s really weird but you think is awesome. I was gifted these leggings from a friend, and I think they’re amazing because they have Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time on them. I wore them to school and had more than a few comments, some people liked them, some were surprised I paired it with the things that I did. I had no idea how many people noticed what I wore. I was getting ready in the morning after swim practice and a couple of my teammates commented. We started talking and the conversation turned to why I don’t like to wear hoodies, sweatpants, sweatshirts, Uggs and other said clothing pieces outside. Some older women were getting ready and one of them commented “It’s funny you won’t wear the things you just mentioned but you’ll wear those leggings.” I had never had an adult comment on something I’d worn before like that. To me clothes are a way of expressing yourself, but beyond admiring something someone wore, or just taking in a person’s appearance, I don’t really notice. I could care less what anyone else wears. It’s your business what you put on your body and what you feel good in. It just had never struck me before to say to someone something about their outfit that was anything beyond being polite. I firmly believe it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you truly feel good in it. If it’s a sweatshirt, weird leggings, six in heels, a cute mini dress, something plain and simple, it doesn’t matter as long as you feel amazing.




Top: Hans, Leggings: Gift from a friend, Jacket: Italy, Shoes: Forever 21.


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