ELF Eyebrow Kit Review


I love reading beauty blogs because I always want to know if the product is going to be good or not. I’d rather not discover if something is bad by myself but lead it to the experts. There are so many products out there but I like makeup as much as the next girl so I thought I would try a review and see how you guys like it. I’m hoping I can incorporate more beauty into the blog in different ways.

I got the ELF eyebrow kit in medium. First off I love Elf’s pallet, packaging. Even though Elf is a cheap brand I love they way they do their packaging. It’s quite a bit like NARS. The kit comes with a little duel sided brush which has a stiffer side for the gel and a brush side for the powder. I quite like the gel, normally in the past I used an eyebrow pencil but the gel works just as well for filling them in.The powder is a bit chalky for me but I use it to set the gel. The only downside to an eyebrow kit is it’s much harder to change the length or shape of your brows, something I like doing. However I think this is the case with most eyebrow gel/powder kits. All in all the pigmentation and staying power was quite good.




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