Moondust Child

You are made of moondust child.

You are made of the dust and light and explosions of the universe.

The tiny little atoms and the millions of strands of DNA that is combined

in the most unique and perfect way to create you.

Don’t ignore your mind and body child.

Your made up of the stars and the comets.

Your body is fighting to keep you alive

Thank it.

Do not fight against the living.

Fight against dying.

Do not listen to the voice in your head or the people in your life or the

impulses to ignore how hard your body is working.

Do not live off of black coffee and very little sleep.

Live off of sunsets and thunder

Pounding rain and scorching sun.

Feed your mind the moondust it deserves


Because you are a puzzle piece

A letter in a complex equation.

Do not underestimate your importance.

The universe cares.

And so do I.

By Kelly Curtis


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