Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette


Back with another makeup review! This time it is the second out of the Maybelline Kit I bought on Black Friday. I think this is the first drugstore palette I’ve seen so I was really excited to get my hands on it. First off I like the packaging. For drugstore I think it’s nice and sleek. I thought it was going to be larger than it was but the size actually comes in great handy. Perfect for traveling with. It comes with a little eyeshadow applicator, but in my opinion a little brush would have been so much nicer, even if it was bad quality. Second complaint is that there are no names for the shadows. This isn’t a complaint really more like a mild annoyance but it makes it harder to do a makeup tutorial since there are no names. Plus I just like clever names on makeup products. There are twelve shadows overall; five matte, four glitter/shimmer, and three that walk between matte and satin finishes. They have a very smooth and nice quality, the lighter colors are less pigmented but overall I was quite pleased with the colors. I’m very excited for the brown that turned out sort or red-brown when swatched, the green-brown-gold color, and the matte browns. So many colors in one place will be so much handier than going through six palettes in one tutorial looking for all my shades.


First row left to right.

Second Row Left To right.


I’m wearing four shadows; first row third down all over my lid, second row fifth down in the crease, and first row first shadow in the inner corner, They eyeliner is first row fourth shadow.



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