Revlon Perfect Heat Pro Stylist Hair Dryer Kit


I got this hair dryer kit from my mom, for my birthday last month. My old hair dryer went missing and she knew I needed a new one. I really like this hair dryer. The box says it’s triple-baked ceramic disk, which I’m assuming is a good thing. I don’t really know anything about hair dryers. It has a hot, warm and cool setting which is nice depending on the intensity you need. It also has three speed settings and a cold shot button. I used it by itself and it’s great, so much better than my old one. It came with two attachments the contractor for more precise styling, and a diffuser. I use the first one when I’m drying my hair as it blasts the air better at particular spots I want to dry. I used the diffuser once but seeing as I don’t really know how to use it, and I’ve only ever seen it used once, I’m not really doing anything with that just yet. Overall I’m really happy I actually have a hair dryer and it was a great gift. Thank you mom!


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