Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes


Just how I’ve mentioned before I love Clinique skincare, I also love Neutrogena. They are a wonderful drugstore makeup brand, and I’m especially in love with their makeup remover wipes. I needed new makeup remover and I didn’t see the normal ones with the blue packaging so I grabbed these. I don’t think they are directly correlated to makeup remover wipes but I used them and they are great. I would be a bit careful around the eye area but they felt my skin with this tingly fresh feeling, plus they have such a nice smell. warning, if you do not like citrus scents, or scents that last quite a while I wouldn’t recommend this. I personally love the scent but it is quite strong and it does last quite a while, think several hours. I may or may not repurchase these when they run out over the blue ones but so far I really like them and I definitely think you guys should check them out.


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