I want to be somebody to you

I used to wanna be
Living like there’s only me
But now I spend my time
Thinking ’bout a way to get you off my mind
(Yeah you!)
I used to be so tough
Never really gave enough
And then you caught my eye
Giving me the feeling of a lightning strike
(Yeah you!)

-The Vamps

It’s getting closer and closer to New Years Eve. I’m not really one for New Year’s Resolutions because I feel like they set you up with a lot of pressure starting the new year but I like the idea of year-long goals or little goals to be achieved throughout the entire year. There are places that I’d like to see and little things I want to do in 2015. I’d like to have goals I know I’m going to achieve, not giant goals that make me feel guilty so I never do them. Maybe there is nothing different between resolutions and goals but in my mind it seems quite different.




Top: Jcpenney, Skirt: H&M, Tights: Empire, Scarf: Powells, Hat: Bella Jezza, Boots: Unknown, Bracelet: Gift.


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