2014 Year In Review


2014 was a busy year for me. I did a lot of things and I visited a lot of people. This was my second year blogging on welcome to adventure but really my most successful year ever. I have over a hundred and fifty followers and over five hundred posts. This year I got my first every email from someone who said they enjoyed reading my blog and looked forward to reading more. That one email, that one follow, that one more post is proof of my improvement and hard work. In 2015 I hope to work even harder. We already have things planned but it’s always important for people to step back and look at what they did. I’ve gone really far in my sports this year, dropping large amounts of time in swimming and starting pointe this summer. Not only did I start, go through an intensive camp for ballet, I actually got to perform on my shoes, after only five months of practice. I started doing product reviews and more makeup tutorials which you guys seem to really like. School was really good this year. Hopefully it will continue to be good next year. It’s been a busy breathtaking year and while I can’t wait for next year. I’m glad I can look back and say that this year was good, really good.


I volunteered to do the fashion show with my mom and grandma.
I got a black eye.


I dressed up for the Superbowl.
My friends and I did a group photoshoot.


My family stayed at Schweitzer mountain condo for a weekend.
We went to Las Vegas, Nevada for Spring Break.
We saw the Grand Canyon there, and got heavily snow on.


I did my first every makeup tutorial
I did my first blogger interview
I injured my neck and heel in swimming and dance.
I went to prom with a friend.


Wrote on Mother’s day about my wonderful mom.
I did a week of Pretty Little Liar themed posts.


I did a post on ignoring thinspiration.
I went to Europe and visited Italy, Austria, Germany, and France.


I went to CWAC again this summer. CWAC is my summer camp that I go to.
Got sick after coming home from Europe, I contracted a stomach bug that I still don’t know what it is.
I started pointe and did a week-long ballet intensive


I had my first surgery ever on my tooth.
Started second season of swimming.
I was an extra in an independent movie called Twice Born.
Volunteered at our local music festival.
Celebrated my blog birthday.
Went to the Oregon star Party.


Dyed my hair purple
Started school.
DIY’d my homecoming dress.
Went to my first football game.
Changed my blog theme from the balloons to this current theme.


I dressed up as sailor moon for Halloween. Sorry I never gave you guys pictures!
I did Halloween makeup.
I did Halloween costumes.
Had my first person email me about my blog, it was so amazing to receive.
Conducted an interview with @birkindocks on Instagram.


I had my birthday.
Had Kenyans come to my school.
Started products reviews.


Second christmas at the house
My first recital on pointe.


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