Ombre Eyeshadow Tutorial


This is a fun eyeshadow tutorial you can use for New Years Eve perfect for whatever festive plans you have going on. Your going to need a bronze, gold, and silver eyeshadow, as well as a lighter cream pigment or eyeshadow as a base. I first applied a white cream eyeshadow as it would help the shadows stick and make the silver brighter. Take the bronze shadow and work it into the outer V and crease of your eye. Don’t work it all the way into the crease and leave the middle of your eye bare. Blend until the shadow is soft and hazy. Take your silver eyeshadow and apply it into your inner corners. You don’t need a white cream shadow but I needed it as my silver wasn’t very pigmented. Apply gold eyeshadow with your finger onto the very center of your lid and blend softly. Add more until the pigmentation is at your desired opacity. Add black kohl eyeliner and smudge it out. You’re finished! Quite simple and a very festive eye makeup look for your New Years Eve plans regardless of what they are.











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