I don’t write New Year Resolutions anymore. I feel that I’m setting myself up for failure and I get anxious about the number of goals I have so I never end up completing any of them. Even small goals never seem to get achieved. Instead of putting pressure on myself to do all these huge goals I’m going to try to improve myself and set little things that I’d like to do in the new year. I have bigger goals to improve my mental, and physical health as well as my performance in other areas of my life, but that is an ongoing goal in everyone I think. I think everyone forgets that every day can’t be amazing, that 2015 can’t be the best year of your life because it’s life. You are going to have up and downs, disappointment and happiness. You will have euphoric highs and awful lows sometimes even the same day. Remember that between all the promises of how it’s going to be the best year ever that 2015 will be a year. Remember to make it a memorable one but also to know that you will cry and you will laugh just as much as you did last year.






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