Coffee With Friends


Winter break ends tomorrow for me and I’m sick as a dog. I had a really fun New Year’s Eve with my friends hanging out and sleeping over after midnight, but the next day I caught some fast cold that hit me over the head with a frying pan. Much like how Rapunzel hit Flynn Ryder in Tangled. The cold is much worse than a normal one but not quite as bad as the 24-hour flu. I got a fever and headaches and pains. My mom’s had it for a week and my goodness I’m hoping it goes away soon. I’m not really looking forward to having to battle it out in school after two weeks of rest and a cold on top of it. Worst luck ever, am I right? These photos were taken after Christmas but I hadn’t gotten the chance to put them up until now.

PS. There is this cool Iphone app I’ve found that turns your pictures into paintings. It’s called Brushstroke. See example below.







Pants: Pacsun, Top: Thrifted, Beret: Gift, Coat: Old Navy, Boots: Jcpenney, Bag: Thrifted.


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