Beauty Resolutions


While I don’t make resolutions there are some things I’d like to try in the new year. I’d like to paint my nails every week this year. They always look so nice when I do that I’d like to have them look nice a lot. I’d also like to go bold this year with my hair. I’m getting sick of my sideswept bangs and my current haircolor. This year I want to go bold and try an unnatural haircolor. I’m debating between purple, blue, and silver-blond. I’d also like to try high end products. My Lorac pro palette, easily the most expensive makeup that I own, is amazing. Well worth the price tag, review to come later. I want to invest in trying other higher-end products. As for actual products I’d like to try highlighter. I’ve never tried it before and I want to try it out.






2 thoughts on “Beauty Resolutions

  1. Sounds good! The nail polish picture you included in this post looks so nice! I hope to buy Tanya Burrs range of nail polish this year. I have never bought somewhat expensive nail polish but the colours she has made are gorgeous! I wish you all the best of luck for 2015 🙂

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