Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush Set


I order the Coastal Scents Brush Kit off of Amazon for Christmas with some money I received. My old brush set I bought from Walmart did me well but the brushes where falling apart all over my face while I was doing my makeup. My eyeshadow brushes were mostly paintbrushes with the exception of two real ones from Elf. I ordered this thinking it wouldn’t come before the new year but it did and I was so excited. It comes with twenty-two brushes, nine face brushes, thirteen eye brushes. It comes in this nice carrying case. The larger brushes come with covers to keep their shape, and a flat for over the top of the brushes to keep them cleaner. It’s the first thing I’ve ever gotten from Coastal Scents, and I’m so excited that I have real brushes to finally use!





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