Lorac Pro Palette and Eyeshadow Primer


In addition to the Coastal Scent brush kit, I also ordered The Lorac Pro Palette for Christmas. This is my first ever really high-end beauty product, and also the first thing I’ve ever order from Lorac. It came with a sample sized of their Behind the Scenes eye primer which I like. The actual palette comes in this sleek smooth case with the silver Lorac, and Pro letters. It keeps shut with a magnetic clip, and the inside has a mirror and the sixteen eyeshadows. The top eight matte, and the bottom eight shimmer/satin finishes. I love this makeup palette and having wanted it for a really long time, I’m glad I finally splurged and bought it. The names of all the shadows are simple and the color pigmentation is great. The only two shadows I’m iffy on are Deep Purple, which swatches black, and Champagne which glitter is a little chunkier.





Matte Row Right to Left; Black, Espresso, Sable, Mauve, Lt. Pink, Taupe, Cream, White.


Simmer/Satin Row Right to Left; Slate, Deep Purple, Garnet, Pewter, Lt. Bronze, Gold, Champagne, Nude.


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