Concealer Review: Maybelline Master Conceal & NYC Cover Stick


Another Review coming to you! I bought two concealers because I ran out of my other one. The first one Maybelline Master Conceal concealer, and the New York Color Cover Stick. Now I bought two because creamy concealers are more for highlighting/cover dark circles, and cover sticks are more for acne because it’s a drier formula. The Master Conceal is a full cover concealer that’s creamy, and a little goes a long way. I like this for under my eyes because it really is full coverage. One the other end, I have the NYC cover stick. Now I had used this before and I knew it worked OK, and it was extremely cheap, as is most NYC things. Now The two things I have a problem with in this concealer is; A-I got the shade fair and even that is too light for my skin, so it can’t be used by itself as a no makeup look because it highlights the area rather than concealing it. And B-at the end of the day it becomes quite patchy wherever you’ve applied it. However it was only two dollars and for that price it is a good concealer.



This is a photo of me wearing both concealers, and no BB cream.


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