Finals Week Everything that goes through my head in Memes


The week has come upon me. The dreaded week in which I become a hermit and study until my eyes cross and I can’t remember what sleep is. Finals week. Last year I did a guide on this to make it easier, study tips, tips to help relax you, make you look less sleep deprived, and outfits to wear that were super casual and comfy. This year I stumbled across the Coffee Time GIF and thought that it would be funny to do a post on finals week memes. Who doesn’t love a good meme or post? Besides, with all the study tips and links to weird and wacky ways to lower your stress and remember all your flashcards, students need a good laugh. We all know you’re reading this instead of studying. (Don’t worry I was writing this instead of studying french)








Taken from Pinterest & Tumblr.


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