A Tale as Old as Time…………….


Welcome to my newest installment of outfits inspired by movies and tv shows. I’m going to be doing outfits inspired by Disney Princesses and Heroines from different movies that I love. I’ll mostly be doing brunette, and redheaded princesses as I look the most like them. I am doing this series in collaboration with my blogger friend Sara or Pop of Passion, but there are only several posts where you see us both together as we didn’t overlap on the princesses we dressed up as. However we both helped each other in our inspirations and outfits. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Here is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I love Belle, and in fact I think she’s almost the most authentic princess. I certainly love that she loves books. Now Belle wore a series of gowns in the movie but most people remember the iconic yellow ball gown and her casual blue dress.

I didn’t have a blue dress so I wore an outfit more like something Belle From Once Upon A Time would wear. The blue came out in the cardigan and the socks. The romantic vibe that Belle give off were shown in the lace skirt, and the sweet accessories.

The second outfit was inspired by the gown Belle wore when she was feeding the birds with the Beast. I wore a red dress, and then to add just a little bit of the yellow gown inspiration I wore my yellow cardigan. A belt defines my waist, and the flats add a sweet touch. The rose earrings are inspired by the rose in the movie, and the castle necklace is for the castle Belle stayed in.

*Also Note that tomorrow when the video goes up, wordpress automatically shows the video that’s most recently published, not the link of the video you actually want. If this is the case, click backwards until you get to the tutorial.







First Outfit: Top: Liz Clayborne, Skirt: Rue 21, Socks: Christmas Gift, Cardi: Zany Zebra, Bracelet: Gift, Earrings: Gift.

Second Outfit: Dress: Gift, Cardi: Jcpenney, Belt: Thrifted, Shoes: H&M.


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