And At Last I See The Light


Next in the series of princesses is Rapunzel. Now while my friend Sara and I did this series together the only two princesses we overlapped on was Rapunzel and Snow White (coming soon!) I choose to do Rapunzel because her hair does eventually become brown in the movie, so it was less of a stretch for me to dress up as her. Sara’a outfits went for the more girly side of Rapunzel while I went for the more hippie/artistic side.

My first outfit is more towards Rapunzel’s artistic side. It was actually quite hard to dress up as her, so this is more of a creative outfit than a direct look from the movie. I went with a longer dress as hers is more of a midi style. I added a belt for a break to the simple dress, and a jean jacket for more structure. The artist in her comes out in the bright multi-colored scarf, and the sweet flower crown. The second outfit appeals to her hippie side, as I feel like a modern-day high schooler Rapunzel would be quite the flower child. I wore a long blue flowy skirt and crop top as well as a loose soft cardi for an unstructured vibe. The bling comes in from the necklace and headband, as well as the jewels from the flip-flops. (I know this isn’t the most weather appropriate outfit but most of my boho clothes are summer ones.)

Sara’s first outfit is a simple and girly but with a more boho twist. Her top and skirt add some nice color and pattern, while the cardigan adds some texture. Of course we both decided to accessorize with a frying pan. Her ring adds a vintage touch and her flats are sweet but simple. A modern outfit that Rapunzel would wear to class, hanging with friends, or just whenever. Her second outfit is much girlier and inspired by the dress Rapunzel wears through the movie. The dress is lavender with pink accents so Sara wore a pink lace top, a tired white skirt, and a white flower crown for a super sweet vibe. The cardigan and boots add a tougher boho feel, and the lace tights add some texture. Finish off with a cute pink bag for a sweet touch.










My first outfit: Dress: Forever 21, Belt: Thrifted, Scarf: Handmade, Jacket: Jcpenney, Flower Crown: Claire’s.
My second outfit: Top: Jcpenney, Skirt: Italy, Cardi: Jcpenney, Necklace: Coldwater Creek, Headband: Claires: Shoes: Minnetonka.

Sara’s First outfit: Cardi: Alie & Rob, Skirt: Deb , Top: Forever 21 , Shoes: Payless, Ring: Claires,
Sara’s Second outfit: Top: Carlotte Russe, Cardigan: Thrifted, Flower Crown: DIY, Skirt: Unknown, Tights: Mine, Shoes: Payless.


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