Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Fairest Of Them All?


The second princess Sara and I did together was Snow White! Sara and I both did a dressier, and more casual look of the beautiful princess.

My first outfit is a dressy look with all the colors of Snow White’s original dress. The floral blue sweater, skater skirt, and yellow scarf are all girly patterns and silhouettes just like her dress. The red headband Sara and I both went for adds another pop of color, and red lips of course, as everyone knows Snow White as blood-red lipstick. My bird necklace is inspired by her songs with the birds, and the flats add a classic touch.

My second outfit is a more casual one, but still quite girly. I’m still wearing my red headband, and lips, but the blue and yellow colors have changed. I’m wearing blue skinny jeans as a base, and a yellow polka dot cardigan for a fun pattern. The peter-pan collared shirt makes it innocent, while the pearls add a classic vibe. I added the heels, though these aren’t casual, for a fun schoolgirl finish. And of course, an apple.

Sara’s first outfit is her dressier of the two, with a look straight out of a fairytale. Her poison apple vibe comes from her necklace, while the red headband, and blue skirt add the girly colors of Snow’s dress. Her collared cream-colored blouse gives the whole outfit a vintage layer.

Her second outfit, perfect for school has a yellow top, and blue skirt, with that same red lips and headband. This look is almost a bright preppy one, with the cardigan toning down the colors, and the cute studded flats. Add an owl necklace as a representation of the owl that scared Snow in the forest.










My first outfit: Sweater: Gap, Skirt: H&M, Flats: H&M, Scarf: Gift, Necklace: Lucky Monkey, Hairband: Homemade.
My second outfit: Top: Princess Vera Wang, Jeans: Forever 21, Cardi: Jcpenney, Heels: Steve Madden, Bracelet: Gift, Headband: Homemade.

Sara’s first outfit: Top: Thrifted, Skirt: Forever 21, Necklace: Gift, Headband: Homemade, Shoes: Thrifted.
Second Outfit: Top: Forever 21, Skirt: Justice, Shoes: Payless, Cardigan: Sammy Dress, Necklace: Claire’s.


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