Our fate lies within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.


Now I’m doing Merida from Brave. For Merida I waved and curled my hair for the days I was her. I actually preferred how the waves turned out because my curls fell out by the time I took these photos. However my favorite outfit is the second. I went for an edgy vibe, and yes, also the stereotypical Sottish plaid. My first outfit was more casual kicking it style with an edgy graphic tee and the plaid shirt tied around my waist. I went for sneakers, not pictured, jeans and a belt as Merida’s high school style would probably be more function than style.

My second outfit I went for a more dressed up vibe, but it’s also a bit edgier. Black top, jacket & tights, with the plaid skirt and a vintage scarf to pop against the scarf. I went for a hat since one of the picture I saw of her she wore a hat, and riding boots since she loves to ride her horse.

What do you guys think? I hair tutorial is coming your way but I’m afraid it’s not very good. Makeup is more my forte plus my curling iron sometime loves me…….but mostly it doesn’t.

*Also Note that tomorrow when the video goes up, wordpress automatically shows the video that’s most recently published, not the link of the video you actually want. If this is the case, click backwards until you get to the tutorial.





First Outfit: Top: DC, Overtop: H&M, Pants: Forever 21,
Second Outfit: Top: Jcpenney, Skirt: Forever 21, Tights: Empire, Jacket: Italy, Hat: H&M, Boots: Stride rite, Scarf: Vintage.


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