From this day on now and forever more, you’ll be in my heart


Last one, Jane from Tarzan everyone! I love the movie Tarzan it’s one of my favorites. So here I have some jungle and Jane inspired looks for you. The first outfit is much edgier than Jane would wear, as she’s much sweeter and wears simpler outfits. However I wanted to bring in the jungle aspect into at least one of the outfits. This one is inspired from when she becomes Tarzan’s teacher. The leopard print blouse represents the leopard that kills Tarzan’s parents, while the maxi skirt is taken from the inspiration photo. The army jacket adds some green color into the look, as well as reminiscing the hunter Clayton. The long earrings and messy updo soften the look, and the elephant ring is for Tantor, Tarzan’s elephant friend.

The second outfit is much softer and more like Jane’s actual style. The grey dress and soft brown colors of the cardigan and scarf make the look soft and earthy, while the belt keeps the layers form overpowering your shape. The knee socks were my touch, and the oxfords as Jane is English. The accessories add more of a boho feel. And just for fun I added a journal to take field notes in.










First Outfit: Top: Jcpenney, Skirt: Jcpenney, Jacket: Wet Seal, Sneakers: Converse, Earrings: Craft Fair, Ring: Zany Zebra.

Second Outfit: Dress: H&M, Cardigan: Sara’s, Scarf: Swap, Belt: Thrifted, Socks: Unknown, Oxfords: Thrifted, Bag: Thrifted, Book: Italy, Earrings: Gift, Bracelet: Mom’s, Ring: Vintage.


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