Round Up Neutrogena Makeup Wipes

This is my round up post off the makeup wipes I’ve tried from Neutrogena! I just recently tried the night calming ones for removing my makeup and so I thought I would do a little overview off all three of them.
The wipes are in order from favorite to least favorite.


These are my favorite. The are night-calming makeup removers so they have a light scent and an oil based remover. They even removed my waterproof mascara all off which was great since both of the other kinds didn’t really do that. Your skin feels refreshed but not stripped or drying when your done using this.


This is an in-the-middle product. It does a decent job of removing your makeup but sometimes it’s has a harder time with mascara. The texture of the cloth the is a little rougher than the night-calming ones but not as rough as the pink grapefruit ones. This doesn’t have a scent. It’s a good middle of the road product.


This is the least “makeup remover” off all three of them. The scent of grapefruit is quite strong and the product does sting if you use it in/near your eyes. It’s mostly geared towards after workout or if your skin needs cleaning. The cloth has a rougher cleaning texture and it leaves your skin feeling fresh.


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