Quality over Quantity

This is the first week I haven’t posted in a very long time. When you are just starting out blogging much of the advice given to you is to post as much as you can, post all day every day. The belief is that you’ll get better with time, and that is true. It certainly held true for me. However in the past couple of months I’ve been trying to or have been posting ever single day. The work that goes into creating that much content is hard, and much of my weekends are spent on the blog. Now don’t misunderstand me because its something I love to do, but it’s almost like a part-time job. You guys are getting so many posts but they aren’t amazing posts. On a scale of one to five in scheduling you guys are getting a five. On a scale of one to five in quality of those posts you guys are getting a three. Not my best work. I want it to be my best work. I want to be proud of 90% of my posts, not just satisfied or proud of 50%. You guys deserve better and this blog deserves better. In the next upcoming months I want to give you quality videos, beautiful reviews, and outfits. I also want to upgrade my blog so I have more freedom and control over what I want to do. I also think I’m going to expand the topic of things I’m going to write on. Does this mean I’m still not going to give you guys daily posts? Somewhat. One day I’m hoping I can schedule quality posts everyday, but for now I’m going to work on the quality of them; rather than just the quantity.


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