Wet n’ Wild Mini Haul


Recently my friend Sara and I hung out and went thrift shopping and got lunch together. While we didn’t have any luck on the thrifting side. She found a necklace, and I found a top, and two pictures frames for a school project. We did get some makeup, of course it’s Wet n’ Wild since that’s been my most recent obsession. So here is a little set of swatches and first impressions.

Wet n’ Wild eye makeup remover.
This is two dollars and I bought it along with my normal makeup remover because I was curious. This does a pretty good-not great job, but the big downside? It smells like cleaning fluid you would use to clean your bathroom. It doesn’t sting or anything like that but it doesn’t smell good either.

Wet n’ Wild Mega Slicks Balm stain in Nudist Colony
I’ve found it guys. My perfect nude color. I have another one of these shades and these sticks are great, smooth, pigmented, and long-lasting, they check every box.

Wet n’ Wild nail polish.
This nail polish is so cool it’s warranting its own post. More on it later.

Wet n’ Wild Idol Eyes creme shadow stick in Techno
This is a creme shadow stick in a purple color with blue veins under it. The color is so cool and because it comes in a stick form, it can be used as liner or eyeshadow. This will be good as a base or on its own.

Wet n’ Wild Coloricon eyeshadow palette in Art in the Streets
This is an eyeshadow palette with five matte colorful eye pigments. This is apparently a new palette and it comes with an orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple colors. These eyeshadows are beautiful and extremely buttery and pigmented, they resemble high-end shadows like Urban Decay or Mac.

That’s it for my mini haul guys! I hope you liked it!



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