Nose Piercing

Taken from The MopTop blog.

Taken from pinterest.


I’ve been begging my mom for a nose piercing for about a year now, and finally I got it done! I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting a hoop for the longest time, and on Sunday March 2nd we went in and got it done. It’s currently a little L shaped titanium silver rod, quite simple, I didn’t want jewels or anything, and it will be that way for four months until it heels enough so I can switch it to a hoop. My original inspiration was Tonya Smith, she has a double hooped piercing and just looked so gorgeous. I looked at pictures and thought about it for a long time, all while convincing my mom, and learning about it so I could care for it properly. So far all has been well. I’ve been cleaning it, and while I did get my nose smashed and pulled it out a little bit once, my nose has been fine and didn’t swell up, so hopefully all will go well for the whole healing process! I know some people like nose piercings and some don’t but it so little I forget it’s there most of the time!



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