Nails of the Day: Wet n’ Wild Gray’s Anatomy


I’ve never done a nail of the day post, but I think this bottle warrants this. You guys would be pleased to know I’ve been keeping up relatively well in the beauty resolutions department and painting my nails almost every week. Last two weeks I feel off the bandwagon, but otherwise it’s been going pretty well. So I showed this nail polish in a recent haul but didn’t go into detail. This is the Wet n’ Wild fast dry nail polish in Gray’s Anatomy. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the show or not. Guys…..this color. So this color reminds me of when water mixes with oil on concrete. You see this a lot in parking lots when it rains. It’s the coolest thing. The color is sheer and so you need about three thin coats for pretty opaque color, but otherwise the formula is nice. The drytime is pretty quick as well. For .99 cents you need to buy this, this nail polish is what tumblr dreams are made of.

Different lighting to show you the change.


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