Updated Lipstick Collection

I did a previous post, linked below, of my lipstick collection, but that was two years ago and my collection has grown considerably. I have many more and so I figure why not show you guys what I use and why I have. The collection is broken down by color to try to maintain some order to this massive amount of lipsticks.
*Disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.


An overview.

The Peachs & Nudes
In order
Wet n’ Wild Frosts
Wet n’ Wild Mattes
Nyx’s soft matte lip cream
Mac’s Creamsheen


Favorite: Mac’s Creamsheen
Least favorite: NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream

Starting on the far right I have a frost lipstick in a peach shade by Wet n’ Wild. It’s nice and I quite like it although I know some people hate frost formulas. It’s got a gold frost tone and with the peach it’s not to obvious. However it does smell a bit like crayons somehow. The Wet n’ Wild matte is the first matte lipstick I’ve ever owned. These apparently are quite good dupes for Mac’s lipsticks although I personally don’t own a dupe. It’s extremely opaque and matte but does highlight if you have dry lips. The NYX lip cream is also matte but applies like a gloss almost. It has the oddest powdery consistency and I can’t decide if I love it or hate it because the color I picked is so awkward on my skin tone. The Mac’s creamsheen lipstick is wonderful. It was picked up hoping to be my perfect nude but is more of a nude/baby pink color. It’s slightly less moisturizing and more matte than the lustre I have but it’s also more opaque. It has the signature MAC vanilla scent and I love it.

Wet n’ Wild’s Peach Sunset, Wet n’ Wild Just Peachy, NYX Tokyo, Mac’s Creme Cup

“Your lips but better” colors
Wet n’ Wild frost
Clinique Chubby lip tint
Clinique long lasting lipsticks
Mac’s Lustre


Favorite: Mac’s Lustre
Least Favorite: Both of the Clinique long lasting lipsticks

OK, so I only wear three out of five of these lipsticks but the three I wear are really really good. The two Clinique green packaged lipsticks are weird shades that I don’t really like so I never wear them. The Clinique Chubby tint is an amazing moisturizing perfect pink color, buy it’s wonderful. The Mac’s Syrup is a Lustre which means it’s a sheer smooth formula, and the color is gorgeous! Lastly I have a Wet n’ Wild Frost lipstick which is absolutely beautiful. Even if you hate frost finishes you should try. It’s a dark pink with a gold frost and it looks so pretty. I’ve had so many compliments on it when I wear it.

Wet n’ Wild dark pink frost, CLinique super strawberry, Clinique pink bamboo and maple blossom, Mac’s Syrup.

The Darks
Wet n’ Wild Mega Slicks
Clinique Chubby lip tints
Clinique Long lasting Lipsticks


Favorite: Wet n’ Wild Megaslicks
Least Favorite: Clinique Long Lasting Lipstick

The Clinque Chubby tint, and the Wet n’ Wild are both similar formulas, the Wet n’ Wild one is slightly more sheer. The Wet n’ Wild one is my favorite, and I switch between the two. I don’t really wear the Clique one at all.

Wet n’ Wild Landy and the Vamp, Clinique Broadest Berry, Clinique A Different Grape.

The Red Lipsticks
Wet n’ Wild frosts
Rimmel Show Off lip stains
Covergirl Lip Perfection


Favorite: Rimmel Show Off Lip Stain
Least Favorite: Covergirl Lip Perfection

Last but not least the classic reds. Most of these reds are in the same shade, The one by Wet n’ Wild has gold undertones but not super frosty. The Covergirl lipstick is matte and slightly
dry, I haven’t had it for that long. The Rimmel Show off is an extremely pigmented bright red lip stain that lasts for such a long time. However it isn’t kissable proof so just know you kiss someone on the cheek, or you kiss your partner, they are going to have red all over over them.

Wet n’ Wild Cherry Frost, Rimmel Big Bang, Covergirl Hot Passion


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