Sun Goddess


But there isn’t any sun. I wanted to dress up in a more spring like outfit because spring hasn’t arrived here full force and I want it to. I know the East Coast is covered in snow, so I’m lucky I can even see the ground, but spring is one of my favorite seasons and I’m becoming impatient. I wore this Grecian Goddess inspired look hoping that the sun would peak its way out, but of course it stayed hidden. Also as an interesting side note. I use wordpress, as you all know, to host my blog, and they have a feature at allows you to see how many views your blog gets per day, month ect. Well they also have this fun little feature that let’s you know what countries you get the most views from. The top views are obviously the United States, but the next country with the most views is Germany. So hello to my German viewers! I was curious if I should translate my posts below, to make it more convenient for you all, but I don’t speak German and I would use Google translate, which always runs the risk of me saying something, and having it come out completely different. Anyway it’s fun nonetheless to have people from different countries stumbling across my blog. I even had some views as far as Japan! Now I think that is cool.







Dress: Thrifted Areopostale, Cardi: Jcpenney, Shoes: Nordstrom, Earrings: Thrifted, Headband: Claire’s, Necklace: Guess.


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