The Connotations of Clothing


Think about Fishnets. What comes to mind? Probably nothing good. Fishnets are almost always associated with women, rarely with men although of course there are exceptions, and most often come with the connotations of trashy, slutty, and skanky women. (Terms I really don’t like) Again almost always terms used with women, but that’s an argument for a later time. When it isn’t associated in a negative way, it could be associated with sexuality, with burlesque for example, or some other dance or performance piece, but again that rarely brings up a good reaction. But why? Think about the piece of clothing, just that, it’s simply a piece of fabric women use to cover their legs, to provide texture and decoration, as they aren’t for warmth. Without them being used often in a certain environment, they wouldn’t have the negative connotation that they do. A piece of clothing is just that, it doesn’t have a gender, or a reason, or even a requirement for wearing it. They only reason one might not wear a piece of clothing they liked is if it was hot or cold, and the piece wasn’t weather appropriate.
I talk about these musings because in school last week I saw a girl wearing fishnets. This girl looked the opposite of all the negative connotations, in fact her outfit was Trés Chic. A patterned dress, and tall boots accompanied with the tights. The very opposite of “slutty”. I had a pair in my closet, and when I was pairing this outfit, keeping the 90’s grunge à la heroin chic, Kate Moss look as my inspiration in mind, I decided to wear them. Did I feel like I was appropriate? Yes, and I quite liked the look. Fishnets aren’t the most comfortable thing, but they can be wore in ways that don’t come off as a negative connotation. So next time you see a girl wearing these and decide you don’t like them, ask yourself, is it the tights? Or is it the stereotype? As for me I’m going to move on to analysis the meaning of the next clothing piece, wearing my fishnets.




Dress: Thrifted, Tights: Dance Recital, Socks: Unknown, Jacket: Italy, Beanie: Nike, Shoes: Converse.


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