Adventure Reads: The Time Traveling Fashionista Series


I think I’m going to start doing book reviews here on the blog, I enjoy reading, and this blog is me sharing things I enjoy, so why not? Starting off I’m doing a review of the Time Traveling Fashionista series!

This series is written by Bianca Turetsky and it currently has three books out in the series.
The Time Traveling Fashionista on board the Titanic
The Time Traveling Fashionista at the palace of Marie Antoinette
The Time Traveling Fashionista and Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile

I at one point had all three books but I can’t find the second one. The books are light reads, and come with detailed descriptions of vintage fashions along with about thirty full colored illustrations within the book, which are absolutely gorgeous. The series follows middle schooler Louise, and her love of vintage fashion, as it helps her feel unique going through middle school, and in comparison to her best friend. She gets and invitation to The Time Traveling Fashionista shop which is a by invitation only store that travels around full of vintage clothes, one Louise puts something on she is magically whisked away to whatever the adventure the book is about. The book chronicles her adventures in each place, with each vintage clothing piece, but also how Louise deals with discovering her mother was a time traveling fashionista herself, and finding her own place and character in er school and home. It’s a light read but very well done, and I think it’s quite a good series. You can find it in the young adult section of bookstores, and if you like fashion or time travel novels, this is a good series for you.


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