Mini Series: Pastel Goth/Lolita style


Pastel Goth
Defined by Urban dictionary

Pastel goth, sometimes referred to as soft grunge or nu goth, is a new trend where girls (usually on Tumblr) will dye their hair pastel colours, wear clothes promoting satanic sub culture (666, inverted crosses, etc) they also wear creepers.

I’m doing another mini series capturing to the alternative style pastel goth. Now most pastel goth girls have pastel hair and wear more out there and lolita/grunge styles but I don’t have pastel hair or an abundance of true pastel goth clothing. I always though it would be cool to dress in true alternative style but I don’t really have the guts to go all out. (also my dad would probably have a heart attack) So this is my interpretation, which is also good for people who want to try this style, but like me don’t have the resources/time ect, to fully commit.

This outfit is girly with the patterns, peter pan color, and cardigan, but is darker and goth due to the dark makeup, and accessories.





Top: Princess Vera Wang, Jeans: Macy’s, Shoes: Nordstrom, Cardi: Gifted, Earrings: Gifted, Bracelets: Wet Seal & Vintage, Neckalces: Gift & Vintage.


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