Ryn Weaver OctaHate Music Video

Ryn Weaver is a singer I discovered by accident while on Spotify. I listened to her song Octahate, and was hooked, I listen to it all the time now. When I looked her up on youtube I found out there was a music video to her song, which was so odd and fun I decided it was time for another music video inspired post. Again, most of these posts will be done on my polyvore set (look me up I’m kellysshoesub, weird username I know) since I don’t have any pieces she does in the video.

Lost In The Riddle You Played Me

Lost In The Riddle You Played Me

The whole music video reminds me somewhat of a giant circus act, or a puppet show, and in one shot Ryn lys on the ground in a ringleaderesqu outfit. She wore an incredibly filled blouse, black pants and shoes, and pink lipstick. Her hair is ombred, so that is inspired. She also wore a tailcoat which was plaid/striped in blue and green, with a hot pink lining, so that coat was the closest I came to finding something similar. The white gloves are inspired by the people covered in white suits, face, and all, wearing colorful gloves. You can wear colored gloves but I find white ones are easier to find.

No One Saved Me

No One Saved Me

This outfit is inspired by the striped vintage looking dress Ryn wears. A dress that was very similar to hers was no wear to be found so I paired a vertical striped blouse with a striped skirt. Some weirdness, but the music video is quite weird. I gave her flats, since you can’t see her shoes and octagon shaped earrings reminiscent of the title. The black gloves are again homage to the white suited people, and the little girl who’s seen throughout the video wearing a white dress and black gloves. Ryn also sports Twiggy style makeup with major lashes for some major oomph.

You Let Me Down

You Let Me Down

In this scene of the music video Rhy wears 70’s style flair pants, and a long sleeved 70’s blouse. The blouse was polka dotted and this is floral, but it come close enough. She wore white heels with it, and is seen white a toy bow and arrow, inspiration for the bracelet. Ryn wears her hair in messy waves throughout the video, and also wears her Twiggy inspired eyeliner.

Baby You Know I Don't Want To

Baby You Know I Don’t Want To

This last look is inspired both by Ryn’s outfit, and the outfit of the little girl. The little girl wears a white lace dress, and black gloves, while Ryn in another scene wears a blinged out hand harness over the glove. In another crazy outfit she wears a big black hat, and some mismatch black and white heels, which translates to the floppy hat and graphic heels. The rainbow eyeshadow is inspired by the rainbow paint she, and the little girl sport down their faces at one point.


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