Covergirl Tru Blend Foundation & Wet n’ Wild Megaslicks lipgloss


I’m here with another foundation review because yet again, I somehow always get foundation that’s too dark, and (plot twist!) it is also just slightly to dark for me, and for fun I’m throwing in a little lipgloss review.

The foundation is Covergirl’s Tru lend foundation. I brought creamy natural in case you’re wondering. I really like this formula. It almost feels like a gel because it always feel cool on my skin like it just came from the fridge. It’s a light/medium coverage, but if you apply it in thin layers I think you could get it to be full coverage. It was around $10. It doesn’t wear quite as long or fade quite as well as the Physician’s Formula one, but it doesn’t smell weird like the PF one does. The packaging is also great because it’s got a pump with a cap on it, pumps are extremely sanitary as no bacteria can get in, but it also has the ability to switch it so it pumps or not. I like this foundation a lot, I’m just super mad that I’m incapable of finding my exact shade.

This is the first Wet n’ Wild lipgloss I’ve bought, and it’s quite cheap. I’m not a huge fan of lipgloss but I’m trying to try out all the things Wet n’ Wild has to offer since it’s such a cheap brand. This lipgloss is similar to most, in that it is kind of sticky, slightly goopy formula. It does have shimmer but not in a cheap way. It does look good over lipstick though. This color is in Cherish, which is a nice pinky shade.


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