Do not call me cute

Do Not Call Me Cute

I don’t want to be cute in that patronizing way

You call me with a little pat on my head

I want to look ethereal

otherworldly and threatening

like I drink diamonds for breakfast

and stars for lunch.

I don’t want you to think when I get mad I’m cute

The shit should be scared out of you

There is nothing scarier

Than a female.

Females will crush your emotions

like it’s nothing.

I am not cute

like some god damn puppy or cat

I am a storm with skin

you do not call a goddess cute

you shake in your skin

and you respect her.

you watch your back

Do not call a teenage girl or a women cute.

We are cute when we are young

when we don’t know our power

When we grow we are beautiful

I am not scared of men, I am scared of other girls

when you call us cute it’s at you’re own risk



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