Little Drugstore Haul


Here’s a little drugstore haul for you guys! I went in needing hand cream and went out with makeup wipes, eyeshadow, brow pencil, and mascara.

Neutrogena Hand Cream, Fragrance Free Norwegian Formula
I bought this because my hands get super chapped and I really needed a portable tube. This is a semi clear formula that is extremely thick. When the say fragrance free they really mean it. It is somewhat greasy when you first apply it, and a while after but it really makes my hands nice and smooth.

Wet n’ Wild single glitter eyeshadow in Spiked
This little gem is a 0.99 cent disco ball. It’s a cream glitter eyeshadow that you can apply on it’s own or over a another shadow. You do need to use a brush, as one single sweep is more clear with some glitter. I recommend as it is a cream product if you have a eyeshadow to set it with to do so. It’s not a subtle look but that’s was what I was hoping to get. I think it’s great, although a small warning, it does cause glitter to say on your face for a while after you take it off.

Wet n’ Wild Mega Volume Mascara
I know you guys are all sick of all these Wet n’ Wild reviews but the brand is so cheap and I love being able to work my way through a single brand trying everything. The two formula’s for these mascara’s have both been very wet, so you have to be careful of smudges as it dries. It does smudge onto you’re lids, something I’m not a fan of, but I use it on top of another mascara which helps the smudging. This mascara definitely makes your lashes longer, but it kind of loses its curl through the day on it’s own. I do really like it however especially with another mascara.

Wet n’ Wild Brown Pencil in Brunettes do it Better

I LOVE this. LOVE. It interesting enough is not listed on the brand website but it still is amazing. I love the creamy formula of the pencil, and it last forever. I also love that there is a spooli which I had never had before. It is amazing you must try.

Wet n’ Wild Makeup Remover Wipes in Under the Sheets

The first thing I did when I pulled out these sheets was to see if they smelled good. Odd? Yes, but the eye makeup remover smells really off putting so I needed to check. These wipes are all good. They’re thinner and less moist than other ones I’ve tried, but they do a great job of removing my face makeup. My eye makeup not so much. I also love the packaging, most wipes have really plain ones but these look really cool. I recommend trying them, just have a eye makeup remover with you.


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