That 70’s Show


(Not that I watched the show, but merely stole the title)
My dad’s first comment to me when he saw my outfit was “You look like a 70’s Flower Child”, my mom’s was “Wow that’s different.” I love it though. It wasn’t quite as vintagey as I was going for, but I only own two kimono’s and the other one really didn’t work. In other Kelly life updates, I get to paint a chair! A local charity is raising money for kids with disabilities, and you take a chair, paint it however you wish, and then re-donate to to be auctioned off to raise money. I’m going to try to paint it with the stars, planetary symbols, and the four elements in mind. I hope it turns out well. Sometimes it pays to be ahead of the rest of the class in your Art II room.
By ahead I don’t mean better, I just mean that I work faster. ( Also many kids don’t really work at all so, I mean sometimes just doing what you’re supposed to gets you ahead)






Top: Thrifted, Shorts: DIY, Belt: Thrifted, Kimono: Pacsun, Necklace: Vintage, Headband: Claire’s, Bracelet: Vintage, Knee Socks: Unknown, Shoes: Converse.


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