I feel pretty, oh so pretty


40’s Makeup, 50’s outfit, and I feel like a vintage queen. Or as close to vintage I can get with my wardrobe, as I’m not an avid collector. I love the Victorian era style of clothing. All the ruffles and lace, high-necked blouses, and beautiful styled houses. I also love the twenties, but what girl doesn’t. As much as I love old era’s clothing, I am glad for today’s modern conveniences, technologies, and how far we’ve come for women. (not that we don’t have ways to go) I got new pointe shoes, my second ever pair, and my recital is in May. I’m in a modern, jazz, and ballet dance, and we have the coolest and prettiest costumes for all the girls ever this year. Our theme is Fables & Fairytales, and I get to be the blue fairy in ballet, and the giving tree for modern. My jazz dance isn’t based after any fairytale but it’s still pretty cool.





Top: Nordstrom’s, Skirt: H&M, Cardi: JCP, Bracelets: Gift & Vintage, Flats: Forever 21.


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