Adventure Reads: What I’ve Finished, What I’ve started


The Opposite of Loneliness
Essays & Stories by Marina Keegan

This collection of writing was by the late Marina Keegan who had her work gathered and published by her family & friends after she died. The writings were interesting and full of feeling, some non-fiction, some fiction, essays & short stories mixed throughout the book. It’s tragic such a young writer died so early but her works are now world-famous. The opposite of loneliness was my favorite essay, and this is just the sort of book that you need to pick up and read yourself. It’s very difficult to describe.
(small note: My mom bought this in the airport as she was coming back from Ecuador, and had yet to read it. I brought it to school and it was in my backpack when my entire water bottle leaked all over my books and soaked the pages. Needless to say my mom was not happy.

The School for Good & Evil book set
by Soman Chainani

I know very very little about this look, or set of books I should say. It’s the first and second in the series, the second book being In a world without princes. I read about this book when the first one came out but never came across it again until just recently. I ran into it at Costco when my dad and I were making a grocery run. The book set was 8.49 for two paperback books, and they are fairly thick books too.
The series is about two friends Sophie and Agatha, and they discover a school for lost children where you go to the school of good & become a fairytale princess or knight, or you go to the school of evil and learn witchcraft and villainous things. Sophie is supposed to go to the school of Good & Agatha the school of Evil, but their schools are switched.
I’m excited to read this and the second book, so I’ll keep you guys updated.


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