Big Eyes Movie Fashion Inspiration

I just recently watched the movie Big Eyes and it is fantastic. I absolutely loved the way Tim Burton did the movie, and Amy Adams was a fantastic choice to play Margret Keane. The movie is set in the sixties, and the style of Margret is classic and to die for. So here are four polyvore sets of outfits inspired by the movie.

First meeting Walter

First Meeting Walter

The scene where Walter meets Margret she wears a classic outfit of a white sleeveless blouse, navy cigarette trousers, oxfords and a red lip, which will always be timeless. This set also includes a classic grey coat, as you can see Margaret in some scenes wearing a grey coat. I also added a fun painting watch to allude to the street drawing & paintings in that scene.

Honeymoon in Hawaii

Honeymoon in Hawaii

This outfit is from the scene’s where Walter & Margaret get married & honeymoon in Hawaii. Margaret wears a blue flared dress, headband, and some kitten heels while drawing a women, and the combo looked beautiful. Although Margaret doesn’t really wear patterns through the movie, I added floral kitten heels for the Hawaiian aspect, and pink lipstick as that’s really the only makeup she wears.

Skyrocket to Fame

Skyrocket to Fame

This look included two nightclub/dressy outfits that Margaret wore through the movie. The scene where she discovers Walter is lying about her art she wore a gorgeous gold bodycon dress, which I would accent with nude heels and major falsies for “big eyes”. The other is a flared LBD with some gold strappy heels, and a red lipstick, which is a mash-up of several outfits she wore in the gallery scenes.

Winning in Court

Winning in Court

This last look is inspired half in part by the outfit Margret wore to court, and half by the colors of the house and Hawaii when she and her daughter escape there. She wore a white bodycon dress to the court-house, one of the two styles of dresses you see her wear through the movie. I add pastel flats and a floral blazer as part of the Hawaiian side of her life. The falsies, mascara, and white eyeliner can be done to make your eyes resemble the paintings of how the whole story began, and the ocean scented sea salt spray can bring you back to Hawaii, where (spoiler) Margret painted a Big Eyed child in court and won the case.


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