The Girl With The Blue Bicycle


I made it on the dance team! Your looking at the 2015-2016 member! This outfit was taken the week we had tryout practice, and I only got the chance to take two outfit photos all week. So this shall be a more sparse week for ottd posts. Since I’m not allowed to take my nose piercing out for four months I had to wear a bandage over it while we were practicing. Pretty cute right? We tried out after school on Friday, and I actually did the dance twice, each time with two other girls. We were called back a second time, and I was convinced I wasn’t going to make it, as all three of us froze and forgot a huge chunk of the dance, but we all made it. The coach posted a list outside the school, and my friend Sara pretended not to know my number so I could come over and she could tell me I made it. I was so excited. The practice starts in the summer and goes year round in the morning, so quite different from swimming which was earlier but had the shortest season of the all the school sports. It’s also really great that our school recognizes dance as a sport, because the state of Idaho doesn’t. (How can anyone not consider dance a sport? NASCAR racing is considered a sport and you don’t move your body into aerobic exercise, where as in dance you do.)




Top: JCP, Skirt: Italy, Shoes: Converse, Necklace: Lucky Monkey.


2 thoughts on “The Girl With The Blue Bicycle

  1. Hello! Your blog is SO lovely! I just started a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog and would love if you would check it out! Also, congratulations on the dance team!! Enjoy! Kyra xx

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